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The transportation of goods is the lifeblood of modern economies, connecting suppliers with customers and producers with consumers.At Manline, we understand how important it is for your load to arrive safely, when and where you need it. Our smart transport solutions are designed specifically to work for your business. In fact, customising transport solutions around your business needs is what we do best. We have the experience, the resources, the technology and the expertise to transport your cargo safely across the country and beyond into sub-Saharan Africa.


Keeping the wheels turning.

Manline is a diversified transport group providing smart transport solutions throughout Southern Africa. The group was founded in 1998 with a fleet of just five trucks. Today we own and operate over 400 vehicles from 8 depots in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our innovative transport solutions and advanced fleet management capabilities, allow us to deliver sustainable results to a diverse client base.

Manline provides smart transport solutions that work for your business. With experience in the logistics industry that spans almost 25 years, we have gained access to resources, technology and the expertise to safely transport cargo across South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. With advanced fleet management capabilities and experienced project management teams, we have worked to effectively use innovative technology and telecommunications systems that ensures our clients’ shipments are professionally tracked, monitored and handled every step of the way. Our tailored plans are designed to bring you value, whatever your transport needs.

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Investing in people, managing risk.


Safety is our number one priority, and the preservation of life is a non-negotiable imperative throughout our business. That is why all new Manline drivers are required to complete a unique three-week Professional Driver Induction and Training Programme that assesses their individual risk profile and driving patterns in order to identify weaknesses and provide corrective training before allowing them to take to the road. To keep raising our high standards, our drivers are also required to complete an annual one-week refresher training programme.


At Manline we recognise that the flow of information ina supply chain is a critical competitive component when properly managed. That’s why we invest heavily in innovation and information technology. Utilising cutting-edge systems and software such as MAX -a real-time internet-based platform that streamlinesour operations and ensures that our fleets run efficiently and cost-effectively -we are able to maximise productivity, minimise costs and deliver real value to our clients. All Manline vehicles are also fitted with real-time satellite tracking, on-board computers and application-specific recovery devices in order to keep track of your cargo at all times.


General & specialist solutions.

Through our various product offerings, Manline moves a broad range of freight types, from general linehaul and abnormal loads to fuel, chemicals and other potentially hazardous cargo.

Abnormal loads

The Manline Mega fleet transports abnormal, modular and project cargo with a load weight of up to 85 tonnes. For larger loads, up to 900 tonnes, and irregularly shaped cargo, a range of modular and multi-axle solutions are offered to cater to almost any shape or size.

General freight services

The Manline Freight linehaul network extends across Southern Africa, servicing all provinces, cities and towns in South Africa and throughout the region. Innovation is a major driver for us, and our creative solutions remain at the forefront of the transportation industry.

Dangerous goods

Our Hazchem fleet of drop-side vehicle combinations safely transports packed or drummed dangerous goods with payloads of up to 36 tonnes in South Africa and cross-border.


The Manline Energy chemical fleet comprises tankers and flat-deck vehicles custom-configured to meet specific customer and product requirements. The fleet is run on a contractual basis.


Manline Energy operates a fleet of fuel tankers throughout South Africa and capabilities to Zimbabwe and Zambia. These vehicles are state-of-the-art multipurpose tanker combinations and can be tailored to all methods of fuel delivery, including metered pumps.


Manline Energy’s LPG tanker fleet makes use of the latest technology in pressure vessel design. Payloads of up to 27 tonnes can be transported, making us a leader in the industry in this particular sector. High-speed delivery lines and discharge pumps guarantee improved operating efficiency.


Manline Freight’s tautliners, flat-deck superlinks and triaxles operate in the following countries in Southern Africa


Getting there smartly.


Manline founded by Neil Henderson with five trucks.


Entered the general freight (superlink) market.


Opened first in-house accredited MAN workshop.


Launched distribution fleet.

During 2000, expanded the long distance / tautliner fleet.


Expanded warehousing and distribution throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape.


80 Trucks on the road with a growing customer base.


Smart Partnerships.

Building smart partnerships is at the core of our business and enables us to give our clients a competitive advantage. That is why we frequently merge the capabilities of our four brands to maximise our ability to safely and efficiently transport and manage our clients’ shipments. Bakers: Being one of South Africa’s only independent logistics providers with a line-haul fleet that can readily switch to high volume or contract projects, Bakers strives to design smart transport solutions that work.

Bakers S.A. Limited:

Being one of South Africa’s only independent logistics providers with a line-haul fleet that can readily switch to high volume or contract projects, Bakers strives to design smart transport solutions that work.

Manline Freight:

Recognised for industry-leading transit times through Africa whilst ensuring your load arrives safely when and where you need it, Manline freight specialises in delivering customised road transport solutions that meet your every need.

Manline Energy:

Utilising a state-of-the-art fleet that guarantees low-risk transportation of hazardous goods such as fuel, chemicals and gas, Manline Energy prioritises safety and efficiency at all times.


With a fleet of specialised timber trucks that provides short haul, loading, transport and unloading services throughout Southern Africa, Timber24 ensures on time delivery in full. Guaranteed.

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